Mrs Adams sadly passed away in a care home, where she had been a resident since 1990, leaving behind an empty property. The local authority in Wales contacted us to investigate the long-term empty home as they had no details for the owner and when they checked the Land Registry, there was no information available.

We made initial checks on the 1921 census and the 1939 Register for possible links to the owner or their family, but the property couldn’t be located. After tracing a historical land registry, we were able to establish that Mrs Adams was the owner and had bought the property with her husband in 1918. The street where the property was had been renamed and mis-transcribed on the census and 1939 Register. When we used the old street name, we traced the property and could ascertain more details for Mrs Adams. We found that Mrs Adams had one son, who had sadly passed away in 1980 and one grandson. When we contacted the grandson, he explained that the property had been empty for 32 years, due to his grandmother going into care but he was reluctant to sell as house had been in the family for over 100 years. We were able to put him in contact with the local authority and they are working together to bring the property back into use.

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