Empty Property Solutions

Offering simple solutions to help bring empty properties back into use

Across the UK there are tens of thousands of empty properties that lie either abandoned or derelict. This figure continues to rise.

Empty Housing statistics published by the Government suggests that 225,845 properties in England have been empty for more than 6 months. Classifying them as long-term empty properties.

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In most cases, long-term empty properties are owned by absentee landlords. In others, the property owner has passed away and their estate (including their property) hasn’t been dealt with.

Estate Research offer simple solutions to help bring these properties back into public use.

Our service gives the local authority the opportunity to discuss with the owners the possibilities available to them, including potential rental income, savings on Council Tax and improving the local area.

Our Empty Properties Solutions is a completely FREE service to the local authority.

What impact do empty properties have on the community?

Empty properties can have a negative impact on both local authorities and local communities including:

  • Attracting vandalism or anti-social behaviour
  • Reducing the value and attractiveness of the local area
  • Posing a possible health and safety risk to local residents
  • Illegal or disruptive occupation of property
  • Falling into disrepair and causing damage to surrounding properties

Our Services

We offer a full range of services to assist with empty properties.

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Case Studies

Read three case studies from different authorities, all with different issues and solutions.

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Report a property

If you know of any empty properties in your local area, report them to us.

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